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PKIsol is among the top few companies that provide research-backed PKI solutions. We also offer solutions in website development, enterprise applications, and machine learning models. We have industry experts and academic researchers working together in one environment. We offer clients a unique mix of PKI expertise, technical development, research, and cybersecurity solutions.

Our leadership is comprised of ex-Microsoft cyber security experts with a proven record of research and industry-focused solutions. 

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We Deeply Care About the Technology

PKISOL has dedicated technical development and research teams specialized in web applications, cyber security, and blockchain-based solutions. Especially our team has several publications and patents in the public key infrastructure domain. Our solutions are powering many enterprise cybersecurity infrastructures around the world.

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We Offer a Wide
Variety of Technology Services

Blockchain Solutions
We have specialized Blockchain research and development team. We develop custom blockchain networks and offer servicing in existing blockchain technologies such as Ethereum, Cardano etc.
Security Audits
We offer cyber security solution for the Blockchain and crypto products. We performs the security audits of the smart contract code and provide a complete report with mitigation steps for vulnerabilities.
Web/Mobile Application Development
Our web development team creates beautiful websites with intuitive user interfaces. Customizable and precisely made to your specifications. Our solutions offer great ROI.
PKI and Certificate Management Solutions
PKI is the backbone of the internet communications security. PKIsol is committed in making the internet more secure. We work with Certificate authorities, registrars and SubCAs to helo them secure PKI.
Software QA Testing
We take software/app security as our top priority. Our SQA team checks the functional, performance, usability and security of the software or app. Testing can identify and prevent software issues before they reach users' devices for developers, carriers, manufacturers, and distributors of mobile apps.
Data Mining and Analysis
We provide automated and semi-automated data scraping and analysis services to accelerate data analysis. Using the most effective analytics techniques, we create custom models that generate actionable insights based on data collection.
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We Help Overcome
Your Technical Challenges

Certificate Authorities
We offer customized solutions to certificate authorities for their needs. Including model checking, anomaly detection, and decentralized protocols.
We help subCAs decentralize their certificate issuance and validation processes. We also offer customized solutions for their needs.
Health Care
We offer consultations and customized solutions to health care industry. We help identify and mitigate cybersecurity threats.
Financial Institutions
We offer consultations and customized solutions to fintech and conventional institutions. Our services include identifying and mitigating cybersecurity threats, application development, and PKI deployment.

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